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crossover haven
Some future stories we hope to see written soon . . .

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 Some of the stories we already have posted . . .


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13 thoughts on “Welcome to Crossover Haven

  1. I was wondering if there were any crossover twilight/originals stories with this description.
    Klaus has daughter (which is Bella) he didnt know about her.
    He slept with a witch that did a spell. They been sleeping with each other for awhile, she had a feeling he was getting ready to leave and she loved him. . She loved him and didnt want to lose him. So did a spell, she’s very powerful witch. But he left before she found out she was pregnant.
    After she had Bella she went to forks and ask Charlie and Renee to raise her daughter. After they decide to the witch killed herself because she love Klaus and she was depressed because she couldn’t keep Bella because she reminds her of Klaus. They took her in but when she was 8, she started show signs of her magic. Renee couldn’t deal and left Bella and Charlie. Then some how Bella finds out. She meets Klaus.
    If there isn’t a story out there like that. I was wondering if some one could right one with that plot. I would but I’m not a good writer. (Bella falls in love with Damon in this story)
    (Like maybe it was destiny for Bella to be born)


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