Welcome to Crossover Haven!

Crossover Haven is the site for any and all crossovers to be posted without fear of suddenly disappearing, and so that they can easily be found by readers. This site is still a work in progress, so if you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas, please click on the email button to the side and feel free to let us know! Since we’re human, we are positive that there are many things we just haven’t thought of yet, plus we would love to hear from you.

As you watch this site, it will change due to those suggestions. Crossover Haven is just beginning, and while we could have spent forever thinking up different crossover categories, we instead did a smattering of options in addition to the ones that have been submitted. However, as I said, this really is just the beginning!!! We have some awesome crossover authors coming aboard, and we are busy making their crossover safe haven a reality. If you have a crossover story and don’t see a category for it, that is not a problem – we will create one.

So, if you wish to submit a fic, don’t worry: it’s very easy to do. Click on the Submission Form and fill in the information. Don’t worry, the formatting won’t show in the submission form, but when we receive your email, your spacing, etc., are left intact during the transfer. We cannot get the form to do it, so this is the easiest way to submit for both us and you. We will set up your first chapter and your Author Page, and after that, you will be responsible for updating your pages. But: we are not abandoning you! We have help pages available, and more information is being added to the site all the time. I freely admit that I need the help since my brain cannot seem to make it work, and they help me out all the time.

Rules: there are always rules. And while we are actually very lenient, the group that helped me bring this to life does have some hard and fast rules. ANY crossovers will be considered, and only those containing incest, rape, pedophilia, or domestic abuse as the main part of the story (in they are part of the present tense plot, or a main feature, as opposed to referenced as a past event) will be rejected We have some guidelines for grammar, too, as in not having the story written in all lower case or upper case, etc. As for what is considered ok? Well,

bluntly, if one of the people who reads and enters the stories has a question, then they discuss it with the rest of us. Also, there is a judging panel in case there are any questions from either readers or the people submitting the stories.

I was motivated to start this site because crossovers are often overlooked or are hard to find. I write them myself, and people who visit my site to read one of my canon or non-canon works have been surprised to discover my own crossovers even though I post them on the major fic sites. So, I wished to develop a site specifically for crossovers.

But my main motivation is that I submitted my award-winning story ‘Every Dark Night Turns into Day’ to Twilighted…and it was rejected. I sent the rejection letter to my betas, and although they poured over the story, they could not find the supposed multitude of mistakes that the letter said it contained. We went back over the stories in their crossovers, and found very few of the type of fiction I write. So, I mentioned that I wish there was a site that we could go to read crossovers.

I must have spoken to the right group because here we are! And…one of the bonuses of posting here that I’ve been hearing about are the boosted stats for those who have their own sites, and increased comments as well. We had almost a thousand hits on our second day live and it hasn’t slowed down yet! We also have a way for mature stories to be read without worrying about them being removed or worrying about under-agers reading them, and we offer other goodies as well (coughAwardscough) for those who are on the site. We had to make it good for you guys, right? So, feel free to look around, read some stories, and leave some reviews. If the inspiration strikes, go right ahead and submit your story.

Enjoy the site, and I hope to read your stories soon!

Wendy aka Kittyinaz



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